Care Days providing cancer patients the opportunity of being pampered free of charge for a morning


Care Days© enables those in the Paphos district who have been diagnosed with cancer in the last 3 years (including their partner), or anyone recently bereaved through cancer; the opportunity of being pampered FREE of charge for a morning and to 

“ Live the Dream!”

Care Days© can now offer 6 options to around 300 cancer patients a YEAR and 4 options to those recently bereaved through cancer. Subject to government Covid restrictions, we have raised an incredible €18k in services offered to cancer patients free of charge. 

Care Days© was launched on Viva FM Radio in mid May 2021, thanks to the most generous support offered by Dave Asher of Viva FM Radio and Charlotte Hadjikyriacou, we had our first patients enjoying Care Days© from the beginning of June 2021. 

The Care Days© project would never have got started without encouragement and support from Viva FM who have been supporting Care Days© from day one. Care Days© would also like to thank CPSG and PASYKAF for their support.



"Care Days is bringing light into what can be a real scary and dark place for cancer patients.  Thank you for the great job you are doing. Keep doing it." Nurse Paola - July 2021

"I definitely benefitted from Care Days, we had such fun at the Elysia Breeze and it truly lifted my spirits at a very dark point in my life."  Mrs S. W  - October 2022

Thanks to all of our supporters, Care Days is proud to announce that Care Days has made its 100th booking after just 15 months in operation!!
How lucky we are to be supported by so very many organisations. 
Advertising help from Viva fm, Paphos Post and Cyprus Living. 
Care Days so generously offered by Markos MY Hair, Beauty Salon by Elena, Elysia Breeze Restaurant, the Ayii Anargyri Spa. 
Support from Pasykaf, Cancer Patient's Support Group, Paphos Bereavement Group and Charlotte Graphic and Website Designer plus numerous advertisers. 
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"Care Days is bringing light into what can be a real scary and dark place for cancer patients.
Thank you for the great job you are doing. Keep doing it."
Nurse Paola - July 2021

Andrew Lauder
Founder of Care Days©

Charlotte Hadjikyriacou

If anyone who has lost a child would like someone to talk to about it, who has had the same awful experience, please email Andrew at
and he will arrange for one of our Care Days volunteers who has also lost a child, to contact you.



Care Days© offer ONE of the following 6 options for the next 12 months to patients in the Paphos District who have been diagnosed with cancer since January 2020 or who are still receiving treatment for cancer or those recently bereaved through cancer. Once a week, every Monday, subject to confirmation and government restrictions.

1. Champagne (Cava) breakfast

In the delightful setting of the Elysia Breeze outside restaurant, you can enjoy a lovely ‘al fresco’ breakfast.  The Elysia Breeze is within the Elysia Park in the Universal area, so there is ample parking, with a short walk from your car to the restaurant.   There is a delightful shaded terrace offering ample seating, with fountains trickling nearby. 

A pick ‘n mix ‘’all you can eat’’ buffet allows you plenty of choice to suit all palates, whether you prefer Continental or cooked breakfast.    Bread, toast and/or pastries are also available.  Tea, coffee, water or juice, plus a glass of Cava, will accompany your choice.

Breakfast is served from 8.00am until 10.30am, every day.  The Elysia Breeze is open from 8am until late.

For one cancer patient plus partner or one recently bereaved plus friend. 

2. Full body massage, shampoo & hair treatment

Enjoy an amazing relaxing full body massage by Elena at her Beauty Salon located within Markos MY Hair Studio in Emba.

Followed then by a fantastic shampoo and hair treatment by Markos. 

Feel completely relaxed, refreshed and revived.

For one cancer patient or one recently bereaved. 

3. Full body massage

At Beauty Salon by Elena (located at Markos MY Hair Studio).

You are welcome to experience a super relaxing full body massage by Elena.

For one cancer patient or one recently bereaved. 


A half day pass at the magnificent 4 star Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort. Comprising of the use of their three natural sulphur spring therapy pools, relaxation room overlooking the citrus grove and outdoor spa pool. (Require oncologist's approval.)

For one cancer patient only.

5. Leonardo Laura Splash Water Park

A full day pass at the fabulous Leonardo Laura Splash Water Park for one child with cancer (over the age of 6) plus one parent. 

6. Day Pass at the stunning 5 star beachfront Annabelle Hotel

This offer includes a wooden lounger with extra thick cushions, a towel, a choice of 3 beautiful pools, superb service of drinks or meals at your lounger or two restaurants, with a €15 voucher generously provided by this magnificent hotel for drinks, food or spa (after which you will have to pay yourself)

For one cancer patient plus partner or one recently bereaved. 

Please note:
Patients MUST bring a booking confirmation to your chosen venue, showing the date and name of patients and partners. This will be provided to you by email from 

If your Care Days©  choice is not available on the date that you require, you may try for a later date, but if all dates are booked then please choose a different Care Days option.
Please bear in mind that priority will be given to terminally ill cancer patients.

For more information please contact us.

Sponsored Viva Radio advertising for 7 months commenced from mid May 2021, our radio sponsors are:
● Markos MY Hair Studio & Beauty Salon by Elena  ● Charlotte Graphic & Website Designer ● Centroptical Opticians  ● GLI Ioannides Honda ● Martika’s Kitchen ● The Amphitheatre Cafe  

My thanks to Cancer Patient’s Support Group and PASYKAF for supporting Care Days, Angel Guardians, the Paphos Post and Cathi Delaney, Viva FM Radio, Daryl Fitzgerald and to Dr. Christalla Philippou, my wonderful oncologist.