Care Days providing cancer patients the opportunity of being pampered free of charge for a morning


Please choose from ONE of the following options:

Located in Universal area, Kato Paphos. Breakfast is served from 08:00 to 10:30

All above offered weekly every Monday excluding public holidays (it would then be a Tuesday).

The Annabelle Hotel option is from 11.00 - 19.00 each Monday whilst the hotel is open. Volunteers will be available for those on their own.

If any patients wish to show their appreciation for these Care Days©, and help more cancer patients enjoy them, please make a donation to Cancer Patient’s Support Group who do such a brilliant job helping patients with cancer. There is absolutely no obligation.

If you are unable to attend please give at least 48 hours notice so that another patient may enjoy Care Days©.

Founder Care Days: Andrew Lauder ---------- Administrator: Charlotte Hadjikyriacou