Care Days providing cancer patients the opportunity of being pampered free of charge for a morning


FRIDAY 16TH AUGUST IS THE NEXT CLASSIC CAR RUN This is a sunset drive from Paphos to Cap St George and back, giving you the opportunity of being driven in two classic cars. Duration: approximately 2 hours.

Thanks to the Paphos Classic Vehicle Club, they have 30 cars ranging from a 1935 Morris to 2 Rolls Royce and a Bentley, Ferrari, Daimler Dart, Jeep, Lotus, Mx5, MG Saab, Zephyr, Alfa and Aston Martin DB 9 to name but a few which will be available to take cancer patients for a drive and experience the thrill of their lifetime.

The format will vary each month and we will try where possible for you to come back in a different classic car.

Please note that initially you will not be given a choice of car as it depends on availability but you will be given a choice for your second wonderful classic car experience.

Please note that by applying you agree that no liability is accepted by Care Days