Care Days providing cancer patients the opportunity of being pampered free of charge for a morning


Making dreams come true for more cancer patients.

Andrew Lauder, the founder of Care Days, is delighted to announce yet another extension of the rapidly growing Care Days project, helping patients with cancer to “live the dream” by offering 7 pampering options completely free of charge. Andrew’s dream was always to enable a small number of cancer patients to be able to make their own dream come true through Care Days.
Now, thanks to the generous members of the Winkle Club, whose UK members included Sir Winston Churchill and members of the Royal family, they have agreed to sponsor Care Days in Cyprus, to make some cancer patients’ dreams come true.
Priority will be given to terminal cancer patients but we will also make funds available for those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer in the Paphos Region. We hope to be able to offer up to 10 Care Days Dreams a year valued at €250 each.
If, however, a child with terminal cancer wanted to go to Disneyland Paris, we would be able to consider paying the off peak airfare for the child and one parent up to €500. Can you imagine the happiness that this would bring?
What would be your Care Days Dream?
A trip to the UK off peak to visit the family or paying for a family member to come over to see you?
A night in a sea view room at the beautiful 5 star Annabelle Hotel, or a seafront villa/apartment for a night?
A morning in a speed boat in Latchi or a day trip on one of the many boat tours in Paphos?
A dinner for the patient and partner at your favourite restaurant ?
A flight to beautiful Chania, Crete?
These are just a few of the Care Days Dreams that we could make come true for cancer patients, thanks to the generosity of the Winkle Club members and contributions from wonderful friends.
But what we really want is for YOUR  dreams to come true.
Andrew and his partner well understand the trauma caused by a diagnosis of cancer and Care Days was set up to help give some respite from the fear and uncertainty and a break for those with cancer. So far we have given a Care Day to over 120 people, and this will continue, but now we can offer a few patients something even more amazing!
There are three ways that you can apply:
1. By reference from your oncologist, or oncology nurse.
2. By applying on our website, telling us why a Care Days Dream would mean so much to you. Your information will of course be kept confidential.
3.  A friend or carer may recommend you by applying through our website
I can imagine that some of the readers will think “what is the catch? Surely nobody gives something away for nothing?”
Care Days costs are funded entirely by ourselves and Charlotte, our administrator, from Charlotte - Graphic and Website Designer. Added to that, there really are some very, very kind and generous people in Cyprus as the story on our website will explain. 
Oh my goodness .You do not know how crucial the timing is for your email and wonderful news .You have made our day, week and month - so thank you Care Days and your friends.
What Care Days has done for us is getting us through the dark days xx
 Mr and Mrs X,  the first patient to receive a Care Days Dream 

Care Days Dreams Booking Form

As you will realise, we are only able to grant a few Care Days Dreams a year so if you do not succeed this year you may be luckier next year. Remember everyone with terminal cancer will be given priority but we will also be granting some Dreams to those diagnosed with non terminal cancer in the Paphos region during the last 3 years. Please, please do not feel that other people are more deserving than you. If you have been diagnosed with cancer in the Paphos region in the last three years, you deserve a Care Day or Care Days Dream, all completely free of charge.

Good luck, Andrew and Charlotte.