Care Days providing cancer patients the opportunity of being pampered free of charge for a morning


"Andrew, Jenny and all the Dream Team have been more than caring and supportive these past years, enabling us to live our dreams, be pampered, loved and feeling that we belong. We have just come back from beautiful Crete, where we were able to relax and forget about our everyday problems, everything was fabulous!!!! You have become more than family to us and from the bottom of my heart I pray that God blesses you all for all the wonderful things you do for us"
Ms L.P

"When we discovered Care Days we were not sure what to think - a bit nervous and I suppose suspicious because people like this just do not exist.
Well we were wrong and we found out that Andrew and Jenny and Charlotte  were our guardian angels.  
Just when we thought our world had collapsed and everything looked grim Care Days offered us some respite from the horrible world Tony’s diagnosis had led us in to.
A meal out, a day relaxing at a beach hotel, pampering session at the salon was lovely - we would not have done that for ourselves as it seemed so trivial and selfish but Care Days  were right - it was just what we needed - quality time away from medical discussions - time to be “normal”.
However the best was yet to come and through Care Days and David and Cathy  Jon and The Winkles,  Tony’s dream came true.   He was desperately low and missing our son and wanted nothing more than to see him and his dream was to play a round of golf with him - father and son together   Finances were tight and with all the will in the world I could not give this to him and Nick could not fly to Cyprus at that time.
We were over the moon and to say the least shocked when Care Days  used their contacts and made Tony’s dream come true and we returned to U.K. and they had their round of golf - we didn’t know that this was also our son Nick's wish - so Care Days made 3 people very happy and a memory we will never forget.
Finally Care Days has not just been about actions  or one off treats but the emotional support Andrew and Jenny and Charlotte  have given us (patient and carer) has been beyond words.  They have been there during the darkest times when Tony felt there was no use carrying on - but knowing someone else was thinking of him, knowing he mattered and being there gave him the strength he needed. For Tony it was important to know I was “looked after” and I have definitely felt this with Andrew and Jenny.   They have not forgotten us and are definitely life long friends. 
In the beginning I told Andrew they were our “Angels on earth” and this view has never changed. I will always be grateful for what they have done for us - their involvement in our lives has given Tony the strength to carry on and for me that is something I can never repay or thank them enough.
People need to remember there are good and kind people in the world and we were lucky to have met some through Care Days"

“Care Days Saved my life and gave me hope. Over the last 6 months Care Days have supported so many individuals like myself and my family and they truly care about the people and families that come into their lives. Their emotional support is invaluable when hope is lost. Care Days offers a chance to enjoy different social events and relaxation whilst people continue their fight against their disease. The emotional support allows people to know they are not alone and their families have somewhere to turn when things get rough or even when good news needs to be shared as they know Andrew and Jenny and Charlotte care. I genuinely cannot thank Andrew enough! “ Mr. D

“So when my parents told me that Care Days had arranged for me and my dad to see Nottingham Forest v Manchester Utd I was absolutely shocked. Firstly because I’d assumed that when they were in the UK the support would end and they’d wish each other well and part ways, and secondly that getting Forest tickets at the time was next to impossible. Words cannot describe how much the Care Days Team’s actions, help, and support have meant to me and my family.” Nick 

Just last week, another double cancer patient who also lost her husband to cancer, wrote:

“The support Care Days has given me after my own diagnoses and losing the love of my life has been immeasurable and helped me to achieve greater inner peace. “ Mrs. W


"Well what can I say! I have been to Markos my hair today, talk about feeling like a queen. From the moment I was met at the door by a very smiley young lady I knew it was going to be a good experience!
Markos greeted me like an old friend, he gave a lady directions on what to do when washing my hair. My surprise was I also had a silver treatment on my hair as an extra present, I wanted to pay for my cut, which Markos did himself,but he wouldn’t hear of it. I sat under a space age heater to help the treatment an was offered coffee. Then the cut and finishing, it was so relaxing everyone was happy and caring.
I have to return for my massage in February as it was being refurbished, it’s another wonderful thing to look forward to! I will certainly report how I get on."
Ms P

"We went for our lovely breakfast at the Elisia breeze today, we had a wonderful time the food was excellent and the staff so lovely, I just wanted to say thank you it was a lovely relaxed breakfast we enjoyed very much, it was nice too that it was our 34th wedding anniversary!"
Mrs P  - November 2023

"The Blevins Franks Charitable Foundation is delighted to support the excellent work that Andrew and his team do to help people with cancer realise their dreams. It’s so important to bring some happiness and positivity to people going through difficult times and we’re proud to help bring a smile to a few extra faces."
Blevins Franks Wealth Management Limited

"Dear Mr. Lauder, 
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional work carried out by your organization, Care Days, in providing free pampering days to individuals diagnosed with cancer and in fulfilling the wishes of terminal patients through your Care Days Dreams program. 
Care Days and Care Days Dreams have brought immerse joy and comfort to those facing challenging times. The physical and emotional impact that cancer has on patients and their families can be overwhelming, and during such trying times, the importance of emotional support and self-care cannot be overstated. 
Please accept our most sincere thanks for your support.
Sincerely Yours 
Dr. Popi Kanari 
Minister of Health"

"Dear 'Dream Team'
Thank you so very much. This news brought tears to my eyes - tears of joy. No words can really express my gratitude and I know my stepdaughter will say the same. The cancer journey is long, arduous and often lonely making what you lovely people at Care Days do...... priceless."

The smile on the face of a patient who is about to fly to the UK to have his Care Days Dream come true. 

July 5th 2023 and the journey begins to make T's dream come true and play golf with his son. 
This would not be possible without the support from Care Days, their sponsors and friends. 

After a difficult start with delays and some assistance needed we finally arrived in U.K. and at our sons house. I thought emotions were high before and during the trip but nothing could prepare me for that initial meeting - hugs, smiles and yes, some tears. 

Over the next couple of days we met family and close friends - sharing memories and laughs.  Tiring but worth it 
The weather was great and everything was going well. 

July 8th came and the much awaited round of golf.  Our son had booked a nice course suitable including a buggy.  They were all set up. 

Dark clouds and a few spots of rain did not dampen their spirits 

Some good and not so good shots but overall it was never about the longest drive or the closest putt but spending precious time together. 

Father and son share the same dry sense of humour and the laughter was infectious 
I could not say who had the biggest grin as they both enjoyed each other’s company and the closeness of just being together doing something they both love 

However after 13 holes the course was closed due to a heavy thunder and lightning storm and although they both tried to carry on for another hole it was not possible and the game ended 
They decided it was a draw but my husband had already decided he had won before the game began, as he was playing golf with his son and he felt good. 

Even though it was not a full round the conversations and memory making will last forever - every shot, every putt recorded to memory 
Our son told me it was as if his own dream had come true - not just the golf but spending time with his Dad and being able to help him emotionally and practically at close range. 

The smiles say it all. 

With Care Days, Dreams really can come true. 

On the 10th we returned back to Cyprus - exhausted but very happy 

This proves that being positive and reaching for your dreams can be just as good as any treatment
This experience shows that there are angels on this earth that care and go out of their way to make a difficult situation easier or more bearable 
Nobody will ever take away what those 5 days gave us and our son. 
We wouldn’t have been able to do it without support from Care Days and their team, including friends and sponsors 

My gratitude will always be for the smiles and bond seen between 2 people I love dearly  

Thank you Andrew and Jenny, Charlotte, David and Cathi and Jon and the Winkle Club - you are truly Angels xxx

This is from our son to Care Days. 
"When my Dad told me his ‘wish’ was to spend time with me, and Care Days were going to support him with this, I was elated. I speak regularly on the phone to my parents but there’s no substitute for face to face contact. Let alone spending time on a golf course with him! Seeing him at this point in his diagnosis, and seeing the positivity he has at the moment has been really inspiring. But I think a lot of that is because even at 84, he had been surprised by the empathy, understanding, and compassion people have for him. Seeing him this happy and being able to spend time with him has given me some memories I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to create without the support of Care Days. I’m incredibly appreciative of everything Care Days and sponsors have done for my family, from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

"Just want you to know that we have just been for the experience with Marko and goodness me what a pleasure 
Everyone was lovely - had a good laugh - and of course the end product was lovely 
By the way he wouldn’t take any payment for mine but I did explain Tony was the main man but he insisted - how nice is that xxx
He mentioned you had been in this morning and we of course were singing the praises of Care Days 
Definitely somewhere we will visit frequently as it is a lovely place and so professional x
Thank you again Care Days
Also things are getting very exciting here as the dream trip is almost with us xxx"

Mrs. D

“What a lovely day we had at the beautiful Annabelle Hotel thanks to Care Days. It was so nice to see my husband relax and we had the chance to have a positive talk in such lovely surroundings. Thank you."
Mrs. C

“I have cried enough for both of us today which is why seeing your info about Care Days in the Paphos Post was so amazing. Yes today was another moment of hopes being dashed.  The phone call that was supposed to make everything ok made it worse. I will definitely look on the Care Days site again and I do feel this information has come at the right time - having something to look forward to when we are so shattered (worry and loss of sleep) is a wonderful feeling. Thank you again and yes we will try to keep smiling and stay strong."
Mrs. D

"I will definitely look on the site again and I do feel this information has come at the right time - having something to look forward to when we are so shattered (worry and loss of sleep) is a wonderful feeling."
Mrs D.
April 2023

“I went today to the lovely Elysia Breeze for a Champagne breakfast with a new member of our Group  who lost her husband in June. We both really enjoyed it, so much so that we were still talking at 12 o'clock! 
Thank you so much for extending your offer to us. ”
A & J
September 2022

“Thank you so much for my treatment I felt very special thank you all at the Markos MY Hairdresser and Beauty Salon by Elena and thank you Care Days for arranging my lovely day. 
God bless GG”
September 2022

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for my care day. The Elysia Breeze breakfast was lovely and the staff were great.

 Thanks again."
Malcolm - June 2022

"In between my mum's therapies, we were happy to enjoy a lovely breakfast together at the Elysia Breeze. Thanks to Andrew and the great CareDays team, we've spent some quality time together away from the daily routine. Such a great initiative and organisation. Keep up the great work and spread kindness! Thank you :)"
April 2022

"I was totally amazed to win the competition  - I never win anything! 
So today I have been totally pampered due to your continued generosity. A relaxing hair treatment and styling this morning followed by a very enjoyable afternoon choosing a new dress set off by amazing makeup from the lovely Judith at Revival. Tonight it's out for dinner with my sister to show off my new look!
I am at a bit of a low ebb at the moment but this perfect day has raised my spirits and I feel very lucky and much more positive. 
Thank you again!"
Shirley - January 2022

'Caredays is a praiseworthy initiative that we are certain will be appreciated by many individuals with cancer and caregivers alike'.

 October 2021

"Of course everyone loves to be pampered but there are moments in our life when you need it even more. For example, when you get through really devastating periods fighting with cancer or having lost a beloved one due to cancer. That's why I strongly believe "What Care Day's is doing, is something amazing. I've got through both of those dark periods and I can say that spending half a day not thinking bad, but just relaxing, was a balsam for my body and my soul."

"Sometimes something comes along, hits you hard and changes your quality life. But if you have a little look around the corner with a smile something or someone will brighten your day such as Care Days."
Ms S - September 2021

"Made us appreciate life and want us to live life to the full and do not take life for granted, this is not a rehearsal."

Ms Y - August 2021

"I feel blessed to have the most wonderful treatment from the team at the German Oncology Center and the team at Pasykaf who have supported me both medically and mentally. The emergence of Care Days and their wonderful options to choose from, is the icing on the cake. Well done to Andrew, his team and all the supporters. "

Mr A - August 2021

"FROM LITTLE ACORNS LARGE OAK TREES GROW . What dedication you have put In. I am so pleased for you seeing it come fruition."

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for organizing the Care Days and to the management and staff of the Ayii Anargyri spa. We were made extremely welcome and enjoyed a fabulous morning in the spa followed by an excellent and very affordable lunch "by the pool. I haven't had that much fun, or laughed as much, for a very long time!"

Nurse Paola - July 2021

"HEY! Just looked at the website ------ GREAT JOB! I wrote an e-mail @ the site ---- hope you may be able to see it !!
July 2021 - Ms S

"Thank you for organizing and providing us with a very enjoyable breakfast experience.

The staff at the Elysia breeze were attentive, friendly and helpful and the whole morning was thoroughly pleasant and relaxing. Everyone was kind and welcoming. The breakfast was great !! We spoiled ourselves so thank you once again. "
Mr J - 22nd June 2021

Inside, the cathedral ceiling towers above the well stocked bar and restaurant whilst outside it is a haven of peace and tranquillity.
To the side of the Elysia Breeze, in the outside sheltered eating area, no less than 20 fountains play endlessly, whilst at the end of the outside dining area, another 15 jets alternate the water flow like a dance, with a further cascade in the same peaceful pool.
The owner, Iakovos and his partner welcomed us and the lovely, smiling staff made us feel very welcome.
The Elysia Breeze really is a little oasis of peace, and you should take the time to walk round the two lovely infinity pools, although they are for residents of the complex only.
The breakfast was a nice English breakfast and the Cava was a lovely, dry Bottega Gold.
A great place to visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a coffee or a drink. "
Mr & Mrs A - June 2021

"I tried out the Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa last week and it was absolutely AmaZing! I would highly recommend it to everyone. There is a lovely gym, outdoor pool, relaxing room, sauna, steam room; the best part was the three treatment The various jets were fantastic, with mineral-rich sulfur waters from the Ayia Anastasia spring. "
Ms C - June 2021

I was so thrilled to be invited to be the first person to attend a 'Care Day' special event and it far exceeded my expectations. I had requested a full Body Massage at Eleanor's Beauty salon and a Hair Treatment and shampoo at 'Markos MY Hair' - which is all in the same building - and I was met at the door by a young lady who welcomed me then presented me with a beautiful red rose, and escorted me inside to be greeted by Marcos, his wife and Family (as this is a real Family concern) then upstairs to be treated by Eleanore for a full hour, just lying there with this calming and beautiful music playing , whilst she eased my aches and pains was a treat I will not soon forget - what a wonderful change from injections, biopsies and operations,
I was then taken into the hair salon where I had a hair treatment, shampoo and blow dry, which made me look completely different with a style I did not think I had enough hair to achieve !!! and then to be served coffee and delicious Home Made Cakes - what can I say - except Thank you All So Much, I feel so grateful to all the people involved in this wonderful project, for giving me a morning I will remember for a very long time.
Spoilt, Thoroughly Pampered,
Mrs V
May 2021

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